Real Breads and Long Process Sourdoughs

At Granny Bakes every single one of our bread products is made using traditional long process methods, leaving behind the health damaging effects of commercial and bulk load industrial and high street baking we create only pure and natural breads and rolls using Scottish wheats where possible, organic yeasts or sourdough processes with the only additions being seeds or herbs. 

It takes on average 36hrs to create our loaves, with our sourdough process being 56hrs. 

We add no chemical improvers or industry emulsifiers to any of our bread products. 

Tasty chemical free malted wheat loaf
Chemical free
Chemical Free
Chemical free

Our Real Breads and Sourdoughs are freshly baked in store every morning using traditional long process methods and an ingredient list that features nothing more than flour, water, yeast & salt.  

We produce a range of long process baked goods including Aberdeenshire Butteries, YumYums, Donuts, Danish Pastries and Croissants, all using the same commercial process and industry additive free ethos as our breads.

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