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I'm often asked the questions " What cutters would you recommend folk start with to build up a decent working set ?" 

SO here I shall attempt to answer that.

Rose cutters.. I have many. 

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May 13, 2018

The past 6 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with many ups and rather a few downs but i'm very pleased to say, we are starting to get to the stage where the ups are in the lead. 

It's been a challenge, there's no hiding that fact especially at the moment with the area directly outside the bakery turned into a scaffold clad builders yard for the next 3 months while the entire outside and roof of the property is refurbished, mortar chips and pieces of slate flying everywhere, sales hit the floor causing quite a worry. 

However, we push onwards.

Our humble buttery, ethnic of origin, pure in ingredient & so far the only one of its kind in what we use to make it, has taken its market by storm, no longer are we making these in small few dozen batches, our average is now anything from 6 to 12 dozen daily, exploding to up to 30 dozen on Saturdays & now that we have online ordering for them we are sending Buttery care packages all over the world. Made with the very best of flours, Scottish butter, pure lard and containing no palm oils or synthetically produced oils they are a quality we are proud of.

Headmoosh sessions via Opportunity North East Business Growth Program 2018 continue.. oft times i'm left suffering total information overload & need a few days just to process the sheer amount of information fired into me over a mere 6 hrs but it has all been useful and allowed me the confidence to prise open doors and take steps into the future. 

Our staff is about to double, 2 to become 4 with the addition of a 2nd full time baker and a part time counter operative, this will allow Mark to start spending most of the week in the kitchen whence he shall learn the ins and outs of running a bakery, it will also allow me to take a wee bit of a back seat from the production side and spend more time on cake designing and bringing the business forward without having to spend upwards of 14hrs in the bakery followed by 2 to 6hrs working at home on a 7 day week. 

We are gearing up towards registering for SALSA and working towards our accreditation, packaging is a hot topic, improvements planned, funding being sought, marketing campaigns designed and a long range future mapped out. 

Rambling Granny..

1st April 2018

Pre post warning.... this is going to be a long one.. so much has happened since I hit the live button on our website just a mere few weeks previously. 

The big news.. we applied and were accepted onto this years Business Growth Program  with Opportunity North East, a fabulous boost for a very small number of Scottish food producing businesses and even at this early door stage the networking between a mere 13 participants has already opened many a door for us and brought forth a vast amount of new product containing a rich amount of locally sourced Scottish produce.   The tart in the picture being but one example.  Here we used the amazing full cream organic milk produced by Forest Farm Dairy to create a wonderful rich base layer of Crème Patisserie, topped by a Cranachan created using puree'd raspberries which had previously spent weeks soaking in whiskey over at Lost Loch Distillery giving an explosion of tastes combining raspberry, honey, heather and of course, the whiskey, a simple finish of fresh cream topped by a single imbued berry which packs a kick has produced something our customers have enjoyed so much that it's definitely going to be a weekend regular in the patisserie chill.  

We also have a jam on the go using lost loch berries & hope to be able to make the jam a regular on our shelves. 

Our business plan is getting a re-write, the original no longer even begins to cover the directions we've been taken since our doors opened last October. We set out to be just a celebration cake shop with a regular small offering of cakes & patisserie.. 6 months down the line we have a thriving and rapidly increasing amount of customers visiting to snap up our clean label long process bread and bakery products, we're making butteries by the hundreds and are so very very close to producing these using 99% Scottish sourced ingredients, currently they are sitting at 96% but we may have just discovered a regular source of the final ingredient to switch over, sadly nobody in Scotland creates yeast so the full 100% just cant be reached but we do have plans for a sourdough version.  

Small cakes & bakery, confectionary & hand made chocolates are now an integral component of what makes up Granny Bakes and our determination to get our products produced using mainly Scottish produce just keeps on growing more and more determined, the more of these producers we meet the more we know we just couldn't find a higher quality of ingredient anywhere else in the uk, Scotland really is our own personal larder and we are hugely proud of it.  At the moment we are busy working towards attaining our first Taste of Scotland award & will be following that closely with appraisal for Scottish Baking Awards.

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