A little about Granny Bakes

Granny Bakes is a mother and son team ship, both working hard to produce goodies to the highest standard & fully and freshly handmade on the premises each day. A lot of team effort is put into continually sourcing the very best locally produced ingredients which can be put to use in the bakery, at Granny Bakes we fully believe Scotland produces some of the very best produce & we are proud to use those we have discovered and will enthusiastically tell you about them. 

Sugar floristry work has been a long term hobby of Granny's and has been added to vastly over the past 30yrs including becoming a trained florist to gain a deeper understanding of the natural form within a flower & balanced arrangements as well as seasonal variations and a full knowledge of toxicity which comes in especially handy for the bride who is looking to have fresh flowers on a cake design, this extra knowledge lets Granny work closely with your chosen bridal florist & she can replicate your chosen flowers in sugar to adorn you cake right down to named varieties and shade matching.  

Meet the Team

Granny Bakes

Or Granny Cakes as the small people refer to her. 

Known to everyone else as Angela, avid baker for over 40yrs and has a noticeable passion for using the fabulous produce available within Scotland

Photo credit

Trish Gale


Mark Wallace

Angela's Son

Keen baker, pastry natural, the face behind the counter during our very beginnings 

On January 28th 2018 Granny Bakes had the honour of being chosen by Theo Paphitis as one of the twitter #SBS winners for the month. 

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